What does MotoKidZ provide solution for?

The toy motorcycle means fun, learning while playing and development. Equally important is the experience of movement, fatigue, the development of a sense of balance and learning how to lead a sporty lifestyle.

MotoKidZ’s motorcycles are incorporated into our children’s lives naturally. Playing and everyday movement is so much fun with it. Our children get used to natural movement, to using their muscles, they learn to use their bodies and get acquainted with the concept and operation of the momentum. MotoKidZ motorcycles fit into our children’s lives smoothly.

Why us?

– Our products meet the highest European Union expectations, one of the world’s strictest regulatory systems
– We are using exclusively ECOPLUS environmental friendly stickers coloured with food dye
– We use quality European plastic, coloured with food dye
– The product has also been tested for children under the age of 3
– Its narrow structure is gentle on children’s joints while using it
– Due to its size and weight, the child can use the motorcycle in a simple way
– We pay close attention to the careful production and reliability of our products.
– Our product is being constantly developed according to the changing requirements.

5 Reasons Why It’s Excellent for Children:

  • The choice of colours reflects their individuality
  • It can be taken wherever and used any time
  • It is fun and sports at the same time
  • This way they get used to everyday exercise in a natural way
  • It can be used inside and outside the apartment as well

5 Reasons Why It’s Excellent For Parents:

  • It inspires your child to move
  • Easy to clean
  • Resistant to any type of dirt
  • It can develop your child’s balance and mobility
  • These toy motorcycles meet all European standards



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