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Our products

Mini Kids’ Motorbikes

For children who want to take on the world. Our products are uniquely tested for children under 3 years old. They help you to safely develop your child's sense of balance and motor skills.

Maxi Kids’ Motorbikes

Children's companion for everyday adventures. Recommended for true boundary pushers. They bring the joy of speed and development into your child's life while bringing a smile to their face every day.

MotoKidZ bikes

For when your child is ready to move forward on their developmental journey with more serious vigor while shifting up a gear. With a MotoKidZ bike, your child can strive toward the top in confidence, self-esteem, and courage.

MotoKidZ accessories

You can even request LED lighting and additional accessories for the small bikes.

Our products

What does MotoKiDZ offer?

Our products get your child used to natural movements through play while using their muscles. It’s a joy to move, play and get around. Play and exercise at the same time. It gives the experience of movement, allows children to become pleasantly tired, as well as the development of a sense of balance and the love of a sporty lifestyle. MotoKidZ bikes are naturally integrated into children’s lives. In the long term, they can develop a child’s sense of balance and culture of movement. All this in a highly personalized design.

Why us?

Why choose us?

What is the greatest honor for us?

The sincere and joyful smile that you can see in the photos on the children's faces when they use our products.

5 reasons why children love it:

It can be totally unique, something that's all theirs

Its narrow design is easy on the joints during use

Its size and weight make it easy to use

Can be used indoors as well as outdoors

Kids can naturally get accustomed to everyday exercise

5 reasons why it's a great choice for parents:

Can be cleaned with a wet cloth

They can encourage their child to move

Resistant to dirt and stains

Develops your child's sense of balance and movement

Can be used for children aged 1-3 years

MotoKidZ is an everyday companion for your child's development and learning. Our motorbikes can serve up to two or three children. That's why MotoKidZ is the bike where loyalty is sometimes measured in years.

Mini Kids’ Motorbikes

Our mini MotoKiDZ collection

MotoKidZ products are under international design protection.

MotoKidz is an international trademark.

Maxi Kids’ Motorbikes

Our Maxi MotoKiDZ collection

MotoKidZ products are under international design protection.

MotoKidz is an international trademark.


MotoKidZ bikes

When your child is already moving forward with more serious momentum on the path of development while shifting to a higher gear. With the MotoKidZ bike, the child can also strive for the top in terms of self-confidence, self-forgetfulness and courage.


Quality Hungarian product.

F. A. Q.

Frequently asked questions

The number on the side of the product is a design only. The size is indicated by the Mini or Maxi label on the instruction manual. Alternatively, the size is engraved on the product itself behind the rear wheel of the motorcycle.

The answer to this must be clearly NO. Firstly, the strict regulations themselves do not allow manufacturers to use tires for such small children. But most importantly, the child is below the line of sight when sitting on the bike, so knowing where they are going by sound is essential for safe riding!”