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The MotoKIDZ Bikes have arrived

Happy biking, high quality, playful development

– that's MotoKidZ!

When your child starts walking, he or she can’t wait to push the limits. They need a toy that puts a smile on their face. One that helps them move forward with freedom and ease. One that makes her more confident and happy every day. That’s the exhilaration of Hungarian MotoKidZ motorbikes and bikes.

Our mission is to bring the joy of speeding into your child’s life playfully, with high quality and affordable prices. Develop, entertain and make your child happy with MotoKidZ!

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Play. Fun. Sport.

The small motorbike in the largest range of colors is available here in Hungary!


We are the first plastic children's toy company in Hungary to pay attention to environmental protection. We use ECO Plus environmentally friendly stickers. We work exclusively with quality EU raw materials. Everything is colored with food-grade dyes. Our bikes can serve up to two or three children. Our products meet the highest European Union standards, one of the strictest regulatory systems in the world.


The first plastic motorbike was born in a small garage in Budapest. As a result of our family's work over the generations, MotoKidZ is today a renowned plastic toy manufacturer in Hungary, Europe, and the Middle East. Together with the predecessor of the company, we have been present with our products in 14 countries for almost 30 years. All our small motorbikes are made in Hungary to this day.


Our products are uniquely tested for children under 3 years old, so they can be used with confidence in the 1-3-year-old age range as well. We work exclusively with quality EU materials. A small motorbike can develop your child's sense of balance and mobility in the long term, while they can ride around with a smile on their face. A small motorbike means hours of play and fun, which is a physical and mental treat for both child and parent.


We also offer the possibility of fitting LED lighting and additional accessories to the small motorbikes. And your choice of colors will express your individuality.

The small motorcycle focuses on fun, playful learning, and development

What can you experience while using it?

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Young children’s opportunities for physical activity and physical development are increasingly limited: they move less and with less than previous generations. The movement skills that we use as adults are most effectively developed during the preschool and early school years. The bikes move more muscles in the body without much effort. Because sitting on the bike requires constant balancing, it can also strengthen the muscles around the torso. How can you help your child grow and learn most effectively? What activities do we recommend for family fun? What new developments do you want to keep up with? Get the wheels turning… and check out some of these useful articles.

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The small plastic motorbike, an almost universal childhood favorite still loved by many children around the world, was created in a small garage in Budapest.

“After my university years, I worked in the plastics industry, and in the 1980s we started making products for the agricultural sector. To this aim, a friend and I were building a machine.
Then one day I decided to make a colorful little motorbike for my young daughter out of plastic. After a long designing process, the prototype was finished. It soon turned out that many children in the neighborhood wanted a bike like that of their own, so production began in the garage.
To this day, I am constantly improving our products to make riding even more fun for the kids. I am happy that today, in more than 14 countries, the small motorbike is part of children’s everyday life. “
– Laszlo Neizer –

The little Hungarian motorbike - moving forward with momentum

We remember exactly how it started. We went through trial and tribulation. In the beginning, we sold only a few bikes. With our faith and perseverance, and by constantly improving our products, we have come almost 30 years later to the point where our products are now sold in 14 countries.
We have determined that our little motorbikes create an ideal toy for kids that’s both developmental and loads of fun.
We are honored to have been included in the 100th Hungarian Forbes magazine as a family business. We are now at the stage where, in addition to small motorbikes for toddlers, we are also making bikes for older children. In fact, not only do we serve the general public, but we also do contract manufacturing for companies, making custom products.
And the MotoKidZ story continues…


MotoKidZ products are internationally registered designs.
MotoKidZ is an internationally registered trademark.


Premium quality

Quality certified products.